How to beat a speeding ticket in Calgary

How to Beat a Speeding Ticket in Calgary

So, you got caught speeding. Maybe you were in a rush to get to work, or you were just distracted. Whatever the reason, you probably don’t deserve to be drawn-and-quartered for a simple traffic violation. But that’s how the legal system can make you feel. Keep reading to learn how to prepare for your defence

Got a Speeding Ticket?

If you were speeding in Calgary and you got a ticket, take the following steps to fight it so that no demerit points appear on your driving record.

  1. Take notes. As soon as possible after you get a ticket, take note of every single detail leading up to the moment when the police officer pulled you over, and everything that happened after that.

  2. Check the ticket for errors. Police officers are human too and sometimes a simple mistake or omission is enough to have your ticket dismissed.

  3. Don’t pay it. As soon as you pay the speeding ticket, you are admitting your guilt. Once you do that, you’re stuck with the consequences. Do not pay the ticket. Call one of our traffic ticket experts instead.

  4. Plead not guilty. Give yourself the fighting chance you deserve. If you plead guilty, then the battle is over before it has even begun.

Paying it might seem like the easy thing to do. But a speeding ticket conviction in Calgary will result in demerit points, on your driver’s abstract and higher insurance premiums. If you get too many demerit points you could even lose your license. Just ask yourself, could you get to work without your license? How would jail time affect your home life?

Call Our Traffic Ticket Experts Today

If you are facing a speeding ticket or other type of traffic ticket in Calgary, call We Defend™ today. Our Calgary team can help you avoid demerit points, possible jail time and massive insurance hikes. You can reach a member of our professional staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by dialing 403-269-8258.

We Defend You

We can help you fight a variety of traffic tickets, including:

  • Speeding tickets

  • Failure to stop at a stop sign

  • Traffic sign violations

  • Driving without insurance

  • Tailgating

  • Red and yellow light violations

  • School or construction zone violations

  • Driving with a suspended license

  • Driving carelessly

  • Hit & runs

  • And even commercial driving infractions

Whenever you get a traffic ticket in Calgary, call We Defend™ right away. We’ll help you fight your traffic ticket charges and avoid insurance premium increases. Don’t let a speeding or traffic ticket ruin your life. Contact us today!
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