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Calgary Traffic Tickets

Company Profile – Defending Traffic Tickets in Calgary

An established company you can depend upon and with a reputation you can trust, We Defend™ has been defending traffic tickets in Calgary for 20 years. Our professional staff has an impeccable reputation with the court system across Alberta.

We defend traffic tickets/violations in court. For each ticket you pay or are convicted of in court, demerits go on your permanent record, which can raise your insurance premiums. We’ll fight each of your tickets in court, so you won’t pay more for your insurance!

Our firm is an established business dedicated to providing trustworthy, reliable service for our clients. With our team, we have a 98% success rate with full representation (from beginning to end, including a trial when required) throughout Alberta. Here at We Defend™, you will get no false promises or misleading information – just the best representation possible.

Over the years, we have earned a reputation for being honest, fair, highly skilled and worthy of your business. If you have a traffic ticket - before you pay it or appear in court alone, speak to one of our professional staff. We will let you know how serious the charge is and what the consequences are to follow, thus helping you make an informed decision.

Over the past several years, we have dealt with inquiries as to what can be done after someone has already paid a traffic ticket. Once you pay a ticket, you are admitting guilt. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to reverse this.


Let your DRIVING RECORD be our concern.

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