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radar speed detector car key and statement Defend speeding tickets in Calgary | writing a ticket We Defend now offers a convenient fine payment service! We Defend now has interpreters for our customers that speak the following languages: German, Danish, Cantonese!

Our Services – Speeding Tickets in Calgary & More

We Defend™ is here to help you fight your speeding tickets, Calgary! Our team of experts will help you sort through the intimidation and time-consuming headaches of dealing with our court system. If you’ve been charged with a hit and run in Calgary, call or e-mail us for a free consultation where we will thoroughly review the process and explain what we can do to defend you.

We understand time is valuable to all our clients! That’s why we don’t only provide you with court representation to help you fight your ticket, but we will also attend your court date on your behalf. In most cases, your presence is not required. We Defend™ has years of expertise and experience that will help you defend your speeding and traffic tickets, save on insurance and avoid demerits. We will negotiate with Crown Prosecutors to obtain the best possible outcome or will take your court matter to trial to obtain the best outcome for the charges.

Among Our Services Are

Speeding Ticket Defence

Traffic Ticket Defence Agency

Traffic Violation Ticket Defence including:

   - Playground/School & Construction Zones

   - Unreasonable Rate of Speed/Too Fast for Road Conditions

   - Stop Sign Violations

   - Red & Yellow Light Violations

   - Disobey Traffic Sign/U-Turn

   - Following Too Close

   - Dangerous Goods Route/Overweight/Log Book Violations

   - Careless Driving

   - Hit & Run/Failure to Remain at Scene

   - Uninsured Motor Vehicle

   - Driving with Suspended License

   - Driving While Disqualified (Lawyer Referral)

   - Dangerous Driving (Lawyer Referral)

Things To Consider

Some competitors do not provide full representation (they may lack the skills and expertise – especially when it comes to conducting a trial for the Defence) and they typically offer a service that does not include a trial.

Some current competitors have no experience and count on your money to gain experience. There are even some companies that advertise “EX COPS” where no "ex cop" is working...

At We Defend™, we offer the right advice to each of our clients and we represent your case before the court - in order to save you time, your presence may not even be required. Not only will we help you through the legal process, but we relieve the stress and intimidation of the court system. 

You can count on our professional staff to handle everything for you from start to finish.

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