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Dangerous driving, driving that is deemed to show a careless disregard for public safety, is a serious offence in the eyes of the law. Most such cases consist of dangerous driving practices in the vicinity of people; however, a driver can be charged for dangerous driving in any public place, including highways, roads, parking lots, school grounds and driveways to which a driver may have access.

Dangerous Driving Convictions


There are various degrees of dangerous driving, the most serious of which are those cases that result in the death of a bystander or passenger. Being convicted of such an offence could result in imprisonment for up to 14 years and a 5-year license suspension, both of which can have far-reaching consequences for future employment and financial security. If you are facing charges of dangerous driving, seek professional legal guidance and experienced representation immediately.

Bodily Harm

Causing bodily harm is a dangerous driving offence. Being found guilty could result in imprisonment of up to 10 years and a 5-year suspension of your license. Again, jail time and licence suspension may narrow your employability and earning potential for years to come.

Imprisonment & Licence Suspension

Even if dangerous driving has not resulted in death or bodily harm, you may still face the possibility of imprisonment and licence suspension. Operating a vehicle in a dangerous manner that could potentially be harmful to someone may still be considered an offence, resulting in imprisonment of up to 5 years and a 1-year licence suspension.

Driving Record

Dangerous or careless driving comes with a hefty penalty of 6 demerit points. If you already have a poor driving record with previous demerit points, this could put you in a situation where your licence could be taken away. Even if you keep your license, a dangerous driving record will result in a substantial increase to your car insurance premium. Moreover, your insurance premium increase usually lasts for up to 3 years following a violation such as dangerous or careless driving.

We Defend™ Helps to Fight Dangerous Driving Charges

A dangerous driving charge is based primarily on the arresting officer’s judgement; there are, however, many definitions of dangerous driving and plenty of room for interpretation. Depending on the case, it’s definitely a charge that you should consider fighting. We Defend™ is here to help if you feel you have been wrongly charged with a traffic violation. Imprisonment, demerit points and a hefty fine are serious consequences worth fighting. Contact us for professional advice today.

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